The freelance work force

Freelance contractors will represent 45 percent of the Canadian work force in 2020.  These days very few people work a life time for 1 company with benefits.  Large companies have been shifting work to contractors to save money by reducing full time staff.  Paladin Consulting was created to get to know local freelance talent and promote each others skills.  The freedom is great being an independant contractor.  At the same time, we need to be out networking to find clients.  We may meet potential clients needing help but not have the bandwidth or skill set required for a particular project.  Being part of a group makes our networking efforts more efficient, and we can learn from each other.


Paladin Consulting is an informal group of freelance technology professionals and creative artists who are familiar with each others skills so that we can refer work to each other and build temporary collaboration teams capable of completing larger projects.


Let's talk

We all have goals and dreams.  We all have unique skills and potential.  Clearly understanding a client's requirements is the first step in every successful relationship.


You need people who listen, understand, and care about your vision as much as you do.


Next Steps...

Call for a free consultation with Joe.  With 20 years of experience doing IT work and software development in many industries including banking, defense, and health care Joe can help you achieve your goals efficiently with the help of local freelance talent.