Our Approach

We are friendly approachable people who listen and understand the goals of our clients.  As freelance professionals our success depends on networking and delivering for our clients.  Some of us are also entreprenuers developing our own products.  Paladin Consulting is not a recruiter or listing service.  Paladin Consulting is a free informal group created to facilite collaborations and referrals between clients in the Jacksonville, FL area and local talented freelance technology professionals.

Our Story

After working with TEKSystems for 6 years as a design team lead for Bank of America Joe Paladin decided to start the Paladin Consulting group in Jacksonville, FL for local freelance professionals.  During 2016 Joe developed a live performance music software application called Avatar Jam.  While networking with the Jacksonville chamber of commerce to create more opportunities for local artists and musicians Joe met other entreprenuers and business leaders then decided that it would be helpfull to have a website to showcase and collaborate with other talented freelance contractors in the Jacksonville, FL area.   There are many online freelance sites, but those sites are impersonal, not local, and no one is qualifying the people who post resumes on those sites.  Those sites charge employers a fee to use the sites and sometimes charge the freelance contractors as well.  Large recruiters like TEKSystems are able to provide services to large corporations because they can deliver teams of highly qualified consultants which is good,  but there is a lot of overhead and expense involved for clients who have to pay both the recruiter and the talent.